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Broken Spring Replacement

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Broken Spring Replacement is one of the most common garage door repair jobs we see. Garage door spring is the counter force to the garage door weight and when it snaps it makes it very difficult to open the garage door.

Since such problem as broken garage door spring can prevent you from getting your car out of the garage we offer a fast broken garage door spring replacement service to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

The garage door spring comes in many sizes. The bigger and heavier the door is, the bigger and more expensive the garage door spring is. Our professional garage door repair technicians carry over 30 different size of garage door springs on their trucks, to provide you with the fastest garage door spring replacement service possible.

Like every repair we do, a garage door broken spring  replacement is based of $85 fixed price for labor/installation and a spring usually runs about $79 for a standard size garage door (Weekend and after hours charges may apply).

If you have a broken garage door spring in Sun Prairie WI, we are the answer for your needs. We are Local, fast, reliable and affordable garage door repair service you can trust!

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