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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage doors are one of those machines that can stop working unexpectedly. Unfortunately, that’s because some common issues can occur with the garage door opener. These problems can be tackled quickly with the help of a garage door opener repair Sun Prairie based company. Here are some common garage door opener problems and their solutions. 

Opener not responding 

There might be an occasion when the opener does not respond because of a power source issue. You should first ensure that the power supply is on or the battery is adequately charged. 

Sensor problem 

The issue might occur when the garage door is closing as the sensor may re-open the garage door automatically. To tackle this problem, look at the sensors of your garage door opener and make sure nothing is blocking them. 

Continuous running of the motor 

When the door-openers motor does not stop even after the garage door closes, it may be with the chain or belt adjustment. In this case, consulting a garage door expert is recommended to avoid motor failure. 

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